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Quality of life at work is not a small matter! It is :

  • Feeling useful, efficient, and fulfilled

  • Taking initiatives and reinventing oneself

  • Trusting oneself and others

  • Preserving work-life balance

  • Working in harmony in a responsible, grateful and supportive environment

  • Learning and developing oneself

  • Keeping motivation and enthusiasm...

Valérie MOREAU

Founder & Director,

Sagacité Group

Since 2003, Formatys helps organizations reflect, design and implement solutions to improve life at work. We conceive and develop tailor-made programs by advocating pragmatism and creativity in order to make a greater impact.


Our guidelines :

  • Associate work and pleasure : be humble and serious without taking oneself too seriously. We help you question your project to build together the most accurate solution. 

  • Set creativity free : déjà-vu does not exist with us. Since you are unique, the solution we develop with you must be unique too. We still have so many things to imagine in order to surprise you !

  • Stay pragmatic : combine ideas with skills and impact. Every action must stay simple and efficient, and demonstrate concrete and lasting results related to your initial objective. It is essential and we will not give up !


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Formatys is a entity of the Sagacité Group.

Together to improve the Quality of Life at Work.

For over 15 years, the entities of the Sagacité Group have been guiding corporate stakeholders towards reflection and execution of preventive solutions to develop Quality of Life at Work in all its dimensions.

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